How to: Store Books

I need to confess, at times, my house looks like a used book store. I try as hard as I can, but I cannot seem to get rid of the many books I have read and plan to read over the years! 

When it comes time to store your books, you want to make sure that they look the same when you put them in as when you take them out. So you can read and love them for many years to come, and perhaps hand them onto another generation to love and care for too.

So, how do you store books safely?

Placing your books in Self Storage

Like books, not all storage centers are created equal. So make sure you choose one that is cool, dry, safe, clean, and in an environment that’s safe away from all the nasty sunlight, leaky pipes, and evil mice.

Handle Your Books With Care

Handle your books as if they are a newborn child.

Okay, maybe you don’t have to cradle them, but try not to drop them. If you want to keep your beloved books in the best condition, then handle them with care. Depending on the quality or type of books, you may choose to pack them in smaller boxes or place them on bookshelves in your storage unit! 

While packing your books, keep this in mind, it is okay to make a few more trips. You don’t need to pack everything in one box. Let you book breath a little. 

Be aware of humidity. 

Just like Goldilocks, your books are going to want it not too hot, but not too cold.

To keep it just right, avoid heat sources like air vents and radiators, as dry heat like this can crack the spines by melting the glue that holds the book together. Also, avoid water and any potential water sources that could leak, like old pipes. If you are storing your books on the ground, make sure to place them on a pallet first. Now the books will be elevated in case of a flood or leak.

I don’t think we have to explain how a leak can damage your books, but even condensation from water sources can cause mold to grow.

Keep it clean

Find a storage unit that is clean and dust-free. This will be a unit that is inside. No matter how good they are, outside storage units will eventually allow air and dust inside if you plan on storing for a period that could mean a dustbowl in your unit. 

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